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The year was 1983 when I sat down at the kitchen table in my house in Perth, Western Australia and started writing the Super Baby and Ted series of books. The main character was Super Baby and his ‘sidekick’ was named Ted. They lived in a make-believe town called Cotsville in Western Australia. Their mode of transport was the Pram Jet – an old fashioned pram that had converted into a fast aeroplane.

They would keep an eye on all the children in Cotsville to make sure they stayed out of danger and were safe from accidents and injuries.

I had written stories for six books and managed to get one book illustrated and published that first book myself but never got to finish the other five in the series. Back then, I was busy raising two young boys – a one year old and a five year old – and I couldn’t find the time or energy to complete the project.

In the years that followed, I was also running a full time business but knew that one day I would finish what I had started and publish the rest of the series. So, Super Baby and Ted and all the kids from Cotsville were put in a box, high up on a shelf in a cupboard just waiting for the day when they would once again ‘come to life.’

Fast forward …… The year was 2011 when I heard a lot of shouting and banging coming from that same cupboard where 28 years ago, a baby, a teddy bear, 7 little kids, a dog and a cat were sent packing.

“Hey, Can Somebody Open The Door – This Baby Suit Of Mine Is Getting Pretty Tight And If I Don’t Get Out Of Here Soon, The Buttons Are Going To Start Popping!!”

“Yeah, And Don’t Forget About Me. I Know A Bear Is Meant To Hibernate, But For 28 Years ……. Give Me A Break!!”

Yes, a lot has happened over those 28 years. My two little boys are now BIG boys and I have the time and energy to let Super Baby and Ted start up the engines again on the Pram Jet.

So let’s get this show on the road.

I hope the ‘big people’ take note of the messages in the books that our children are precious and we need to take good care of them so they are kept as safe as possible.

And I hope the ‘little people’ will enjoy looking at the colourful pictures and adorable characters.

Sorry, have to go now……… the shouting and banging in the cupboard is getting so loud that I’ll have to go and let them loose!

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