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These books can be purchased as a set of 6 or individually.

Each book contains 20 pages of text and colour illustrations and are suitable to be read to pre-school children.


Created and written by Jennifer Bates
Illustrated by Luke Watson
Title: Super Baby and Ted and the Cotsville Kids
ISBN 978 0 9871214 00
Size: 205mm x 170mm
Format: Paperback
Published: November 2011
RRP: AUD $29.95 per set


cover-baby_thomas2Super Baby and Ted with Baby Thomas

Baby Thomas is in danger!  Who will come and save him?  A story about why babies and young children should always                 be supervised by adults when they are playing near water.

cover-baby_kate2Super Baby and Ted with Baby Kate

Featuring Aunty Twinkle

Baby Kate is alone in the house and is in danger! Will someone get there in time to save her? A story about why babies and young children need to be supervised by adults all the time so they are prevented from accidentally being poisoned.

cover-andrew_and_smudge2Super Baby and Ted with Andrew and Smudge

Featuring Grandma Dot and Bonnie

Smudge is home alone while Andrew visits his grandma.  Andrew has forgotten to leave something very important for his dog. A story about how children can help take care of their pets.

cover-zoe_and_furnella2Super Baby and Ted with Zoe and Furnella

Zoe finds herself in a very awkward spot when looking for her cat Furnella.  Who will come and rescue her?                                   A story about how young children, when not supervised by an adult, can get themselves in a dangerous situation.

cover-jaxon_and_dudley2Super Baby and Ted with Jaxon and Dudley

Featuring Uncle Jim

Two little boys having fun playing cricket.  One will soon find himself in danger. Who will come and save him?                               A story about why children need to learn that playing close to the road can be very dangerous.

cover-sammy_snatchet2Super Baby and Ted with Sammy Snatchet

Sammy Snatchet is building himself a trolley and he needs to find something to complete it. But today he is going to find     himself in big trouble. He has taken something that doesn’t belong to him. Who is going to catch him?