Aunty Twinkle

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Aunty Twinkle is one of our favourite characters in the Super Baby and Ted series of children’s books. She doesn’t live in Cotsville but in the big city of Perth, Western Australia. All the kids, parents and town folk love to see Aunty Twinkle when she comes to visit Cotsville.

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She’s a traveller and a poet and a friend to one and all
Always going somewhere in winter, spring and fall

She’s always on the lookout to learn a thing or two
Every day’s a challenge to try out something new

She’s often in her garden where roses  are in bloom
And in her house she loves to have a flower in every room

She’s very fond of coffee and likes that special brew
Cafes are her favourite place to meet a friend or two

She’s happy in the kitchen with recipes galore
Baking cakes or cookies or maybe something more

She’s travelled all around the world and been to many places
Making friends from far and wide and seen so many faces

She’s fancy free and single and she ain’t nobody’s wife
Her poetry and stories are a big part of her life

So enter Aunty Twinkle’s World and get to know her more
Cotsville’s favourite Aunty and the lady we adore!ENTER_edited-1