Cotsville Kids

Baby Thomas

baby_thomas_with_trainBaby Thomas is on the move! Just 8 months old, he doesn’t stay in one spot for long since he started crawling. He’s just like any other little baby boy who wants to explore his surroundings and needs constant attention and supervision.

He’s happy to sit and play with his toys, especially his wooden building blocks and toy train but when he’s had enough of playing with those, off he goes again.

Any parent with a little baby like Thomas will relate to this ….. the only time they get to relax is when Baby Thomas is sound asleep in his cot!

Baby Kate

Website Baby KatePretty in pink and cute as a button, it won’t be long before Baby Kate starts walking. She’s now 10 months old and even though she is still crawling, she can stand on her feet for just a few seconds and then PLOP – sits down on her bottom!

Baby Kate is a happy little girl, always smiling, always giggling and always getting into mischief. Her favourite ‘naughty’ thing to do is to crawl into the bathroom and pull all the toilet paper off the roll and onto the floor.

I expect at one time or another every parent has experienced a ‘Baby Kate moment’ with their child.

Andrew and Smudge

andrew1-10A boy and his dog, now what can be more adorable than that! Never far away from each other, Andrew loves playing in the backyard with his dog Smudge or as he calls him, Smudgey.

Andrew is like any other 3 year old, always wanting to run and play and learn about new things. With his scruffy brown hair and cheeky grin, he really is an adorable little boy.

Smudge is a ‘happy go lucky’ kind of dog but just like a lot of dogs, he has a habit of digging holes in the garden. If Andrew gives him a bone to eat, he’d rather bury it. Trouble is, he can never find it when he does want to eat it!

Zoe and Furnella

zoe1-10Zoe is a 4 year old little Aboriginal girl with lovely curly hair and has a cat called Furnella.

Zoe loves playing outdoors and is always excited when her Mum and Dad take her to the Cotsville Park where she can ride her bicycle.

She still has the training wheels on her bike but it won’t be long before she will be able to ride without them and won’t that be an exciting day for her.

Zoe’s cat Furnella thinks of herself as a ‘Princess’ – in a catty type of way. She doesn’t like to be bothered by anyone or anything and like most cats she just likes eating and sleeping and occasionally catching the odd mouse or two!

Jaxon and Dudley

dudley1These two boys are 7 years old and are best mates. They both go to the Cotsville Primary School and their favourite sports are cricket and football. Sometimes, on the weekends, Dudley’s father will take the boys fishing at the Cotsville Lake.

Jaxon is very adventurous and is the leader of the two. He will always put his hand up first when asked to participate in any activity at school.

Dudley, on the other hand, is sometimes afraid to ‘have a go’ at different things. He is very shy but Jaxon is always willing to help him because after all, that’s what friends are for.

Sammy Snatchet

Now he can be a very naughty boy and he certainly gets himself in a lot of trouble. Sammy Snatchet is only 10 years old but thinks he can do whatever he likes in Cotsville.
If he wants something, he thinks he can just take it without asking and he can also be a bit of a bully at times.

He doesn’t like doing his school work and can be quite disruptive in the classroom. His teacher Mrs Stewart, is forever telling him to behave himself.

Will Sammy Snatchet learn not to be a bully and not to take things that are not his? Only time will tell.