Children left in Hot Cars!

Super Baby and Ted would like to make you aware about the danger of leaving young children inside cars during summer ….


Every year, thousands of children are left in hot cars during the warmer months especially in the height of summer.

Children lose fluid quickly and can get dehydrated and could suffer from life threatening heatstroke.

A parked car can be 20-30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature and this can occur within 5 -15 minutes. Even leaving a window slightly open does not reduce the inside temperature of the car, maybe by only 1 or 2 degrees.

Parents might leave children in the car if they think they are just going to be a couple of minutes running an errand and this can end up being 15 or 20 minutes instead.

If a child is playing with the car keys when they are inside the car, they can end up locking the doors and emergency services will have to be called and this can take some time for them to arrive.

Another tragic circumstance of leaving a child in a hot car is when a parent might change their daily routine and forget the child is in the back seat, especially if the child is asleep and quiet.  They leave the car in a parking lot and go to work for the day unaware the child is still inside.

A very handy tip is to leave something important in the back seat that you always take with you, like a briefcase or handbag, so you will be sure to check the back seat before you leave the car.

To highlight how HOT a car can get inside in summer, ¬†chef Matt Moran features in this video which is a must to watch ….


REMEMBER – Leaving children unattended in the car even if only for a short time can be FATAL!


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Super Baby and Ted would like to thank you for reading these safety tips.

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