Making your home safer – Furniture

Super Baby and Ted have some helpful tips to keep your child safe from serious injuries.


Furniture that we all take for granted can be a danger to children.

Children do not always use furniture in the way that it is intended. Take a bookcase for example. To a child it might look like a ladder, which they can climb to reach something above. All it takes is the weight of a small child climbing on the bookcase for it to topple over.

Falls or collisions involving tables, chairs and stools can cause eye injuries, fractures, cuts and sprains.

Most injuries can be avoided by choosing safer furniture, securing unstable furniture and by simple changes to the environment.

There are steps you can take to make furniture in your home safer for children.
– Look for storage furniture that has a broad and stable base and check to make sure that the drawers do not fall out easily.

– Test the furniture in the shop.

– Select tables that will not tip if you sit on them.

– Glass tables should be made with thick, toughened glass and should be treated with care.

– Choose stable chairs which have non-slip leg ends rather than those with wheels or castors.

– Before buying a chair sit on it and lean backward and forward to check that it is stable.

– Secure all tall furniture to a stable wall using angle braces.

– Install corner protectors on sharp edges of tables, benches and counters.

– TV’s on furniture can also tip over onto children.  Make sure that the stand you buy is stable and strong enough to take your TV.

– Discourage children from climbing onto furniture to play.

– Avoid placing children on tables.

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Thank you from Super Baby and Ted for reading these safety tips.