Play Safely

Some handy tips on ways children can play safely outdoors.


Enthusiasm on gaining access to new play areas and equipment can often lead to injuries. When young children start at a new school or visit a park with friends, they may have access to equipment that poses more challenges. It is important for children to play responsibly, however, active adult supervision is essential.

Teach children to use play areas and equipment safely to play suitable games. Let them think up a set of rules that they will agree to accept. Always stress why certain behaviours are inappropriate.

Here are some Safe Play Tips:


– Play away from cars

– Play somewhere soft in case of falls

– Play somewhere made for children

– Use equipment properly

– Report damaged or broken equipment

– Play in the shade where possible and apply sunscreen

– Look after friends

– Take turns

– Play gently without violence

Thank you, from Super Baby and Ted, for reading these safety tips.