Poisons in the home

Super Baby and Ted would like you to take a few minutes to read these helpful tips to keep your children safe from accidents and injuries.


Each year there are hundreds of children who will be poisoned from products that are found in most homes. Children between the ages of 1 and 3 years are exploring their world and will put anything they can get their hands on straight into their mouth. Child poisoning can occur at anytime!

These are just a few items that can be harmful to young children ….


* Medications – Over the counter prescriptions such as Paracetamol, Sedatives, Contraceptive Pills
* Oven cleaners, drain cleaners and bleaches
* Pesticides and Herbicides
* Alcohol, Methylated Spirits, Perfumes
* Detergents and Dishwashing Powders


It only takes a few minutes to check the rooms in your house and also your garage or tool shed to see if there are poisonous products that could be easily reached by toddlers and young children.
Some ways you can help prevent your child from getting access to poisonous products …


* Store poisons in a locked cupboard preferably 1.5 metres above the ground (out of sight, out of reach – locked up and away).
* Use child resistant locks on cupboards or cabinets that store medicines and poisons.
* Don’t store poisons near food. If medicines need to be stored in the refrigerator, use a small portable lockable container.
* Store all medicines, cleaners and chemicals in their original containers that are clearly labelled.
* Never refer to medicines or vitamins as ‘lollies’.
* If you have guests in your home make sure to keep their handbag out of reach of your child.
* Always keep the Poisons Information Centre phone number in your area near your telephone or stored in your mobile phone.


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Super Baby and Ted would like to thank you for reading this safety message.

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