Preventing Dog Bites

Children are very precious, we should prevent injuries from occurring at all times. Here are some tips from Super Baby and Ted.

It is common for young children to be bitten while doing child-like inquisitive things – playing with the dog’s food, chasing the dog or other things that the child thinks are play but to the dog are teasing.


Safety Steps to Prevent Dog Bites:

– Remember any dog can and may bite.

– Keep babies and young children away from your dog, especially at feeding times.

– Ask friends and family to keep their dogs away from the children.

– Stay within reach if a dog is near children.

– Train your dog to obey commands. The dog should obey “come”, “sit” and “stay” commands from all family members.

– Buy the right dog for your family. Ask the RSPCA or a vet about the dog best suited to your needs.


Super Baby waving

Super Baby and Ted thank you for reading these safety tips.

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