Home Safety for Kids

There are a few things we can do at home to help our kids avoid getting hurt. Here are some tips from Super Baby and Ted.


Here are some home features that help keep kids safe!


– Pools (and spas) that are fully fenced, with well maintained, self closing gates.

– Hot water from bathroom taps set at a delivery temperature of 50 degrees.

– Hot water burns like fire. Many Australian homes have hot water coming from their taps at temperature that can burn a child’s skin in one second.

– Barriers such as gates on stairs and fireguards in place to keep children away from hazards.

– Child resistant catches fitted to cupboards where dangers are like medicines, cleaners, matches and lighter are stored.

– Young children are curious and don’t understand danger. Telling them ‘not to touch’ is not enough to keep them safe. Dangerous products need to be stored away safely.

– Install smoke alarms, test them regularly and change the battery once a year.

– House fires continue to claim Australian lives every year. Young children are at risk, as they need adults to rescue them in time.  Smoke alarms provide a warning that may be critical to survival.

– Play areas fenced off from the street and driveway.



Super Baby and Ted hope this helps in making sure your kids are safe at home!